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September 2012


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Just A few of your pet pictures


Cat Marshmallo Blending in with the couch



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They RAN, they JUMPED,they CAUGHT THE BALL, and actually I think they were FLYING

And that is only half of the fun that everyone has at a Flyball Tournament.
Watch for the next issue of 1 Pet’s Place and learn all about FLYBALL


Autumn Is Here


Fresh cool air and the beautiful colors of fall await you.  Take a walk and don’t forget to take your dog.  Your best friend will enjoy refreshing air and smells of autumn.  It is also a good time to make sure your pets have their vaccinations up to date.  If you have an older dog or cat, check out our articles on Healthcare for senior dogs and for senior cats.  Doctor Ducor explains what tests are needed as your best friend ages.  Print out and fill in the appropriate Healthcare Checklist.  That way you will not forget any important information at the next veterinarian appointment.



The Death Of A Pet Is Always Difficult

Don Ducor in surgical theatre

In this issue we present an article by Dr. Donald Ducor (above) on a subject that all pet owners eventually encounter.  In March of 2011, Dr. Don’s German wire-haired pointer, Shotzee, died.  Shotzee suffered from terminal liver cancer.  The loss of a pet is always difficult.  Often it is made harder by the lack of understanding that none pet owners may display.  Dr. Ducor writes about his decision, made with the help of modern veterinary medicine.  It is a process that is undertaken by veterinarians and pet owners every day.   As pet owners we know that our beloved pets are never replaced.  Rather the healing process is helped by finding another unique loving pet to bond with.




We are happy to report that in February, 2012, Dr. Ducor found such a pet. His new best friend is a seven month old female Munsterlander named Leica (below).


Dr. Don Ducor's new dog Leica


Read  “My Thoughts (This Time) From Your Perspective” and get a unique glimpse at Dr. Donald Ducur.


If you have any comments based on your personal pet loss please share them with our readers.  By doing this you may help others heal.